Best ratings:
AFT portable water mist & CAFS systems have the highest ratings as per European EN3. The portable systems are also certifi ed for SOLAS and various international bodies.

Environment friendly:
AFT uses the most natural recources (water & air) for its firefighting extinguishers.

Dual extinguishing effect:
Water mist created by the AFT system help extinguish fires rapidly due to dual effect of cooling and blanketing.

Dual mode firefighting:
AFT guns come with the option of jet and spray firefighting mode for distant and close range attack.

AFT benefits

High safety:
AFT technology operates on low pressure and negligible recoil thus providing safety to the user.

Multiple extinguishing agent option:
AFT technology can deliver water mist, foam and compressed air foam (CAFS) with its specially designed systems making them suitable for different fi re situations.

Minimal collateral damage:
AFT technology uses significantly less water as compared to conventional systems, which helps in minimizing water/collateral damage.

With minimal moving parts and corrosion resistant materials, the AFT systems are low on maintenance and high on product life.

Radiant heat block:
The creation of fi ne water mist droplets help in blocking radiant heat enabling the firefighter to approach the fire more easily.

Smoke scrubbing:
Fine water mist droplets help scrub the air thus increasing better visibility.