AFT Backpack 10/02

The Backpack system is a portable unit that brings in significant reduction in response time and better accessibility, thus helping control fires at the initial stage. The Backpack is available with the option of usage along with a breathing apparatus. Backpack systems are ideal for use in industry, first intervention system in fire trucks & emergency vehicles, offshore & marine.

AFT Backpack 10L/02 AFT Backpack 10L/02 AFT Backpack 10L/02
Technical Specs Backpack 10/02
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Extinguishing agent tank
Filling capacity (EN3) 10 litres
Material Stainless steel
Working pressure
Pressure 8.5 bar
Propellant gas bottle
Medium Compressed air
Pressure cylinder Filling pressure: 300 bar
Volume: 2 litres
Valve connection: G5/8 interior
Technical parameters
Operating time Approx. 25 sec.
Flow rate 24 litres/min
Operating temperature Tmin +5°C; Tmax +60°C
Carrying device Ergonomically shaped backpack
Extinguishing gun
Changeover time Approx. 2 sec. (jet to spray mode)
Lancing distance Approx. 16 – 18 m jet mode
Approx. 6 – 7 m spray mode
Electrical Fires up to 1000 V / 3 m distance. Tested upto 35 KV
Ratings (extinguishing performance)
A Fire Class 55 A (as per EN3)
B Fire Class 233 B (as per EN3)
IIB (EN 1866) (e.g.: with exting. agent Moussel C)
Weight empty (without air bottle) Approx. 8.5 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) Approx. 180 x 340 x 700 mm
Standards DIN EN 3, GS, TÜV, ISO 9001 (manufacturer)*
* Country and sector-specific regulations have higher priority. If you have any questions, please contact AFT GmbH.